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VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor7.05

VideoPad Free Video Editor and Movie Maker

Free video editing software and Movie Maker to edit videos and movies.

If you've caught the video editing bug but don't find the right application for beginners, try VideoPad Video Editor.

This is probably the best video editing tool to take your first steps in the world of multimedia video editing. It's simple, easy to use, and though more advanced users will definitely find it too basic, it's just perfect for anyone starting to play around with video compositions.

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  • Lee Ross

    by Lee Ross

    for free this is all you need, pretty easy to get to grips with and does pretty much everything a begginner editor needs.

  • Black Feathers

    by Black Feathers

    You you need simple editing done quickly, this is the perfect program. More advanced programs have a lot more bells and whistles but you can really get lost in them. I only needed to throw together a minute long video and it it quickly and it came out great. The only things I wasn't crazy about were #1 how the transitions work, it's not that its hard its just annoying because the slide bar for theMore

  • Caroline Law

    by Caroline Law

    I'm not an expert in video editing. I used it for simple editing like segmentation of the video and merged them. I can also to choose the type of video format and the resolution that i would like to save. It is easy to use and is free for 1month trial without the watermark on my edited video. Highly recommend it.

  • তাহসান আবিদ

    by তাহসান আবিদ

    Your aplication is very good for video editing. I also Edit This aplication.

  • advaita nitturkar

    by advaita nitturkar

    VideoPad Video Editor is absolutely marvellous! It is so easy to use. I recommend it to any beginner, you don't need to have any experience in video editing to use this software.

  • Paul Mageen

    by Paul Mageen

    Same story, Made one video then tried to make another but have to buy licence. A con.

  • Sarabjeet Singh

    by Sarabjeet Singh

    It is not free. Never use this waste application. After spending hours in editing, it will tell it is not free.

  • Veronika Karen

    by Veronika Karen

    this is a nice app but i have to purchase it??! why? why i cant export files with a purchase? please make it free. thx

  • Haran Yakir

    by Haran Yakir

    Do not download. After wasting a whole day editing it tells me I have to buy to export.

  • The Jononator

    by The Jononator

    Do not download. I downloaded it & 2 weeks later it wanted me to buy the full version to export the video. WHAT THE HELL! Pros: It's easy to use. Processes quickly(When it will let you process it) Cons: The fact it's a demo

  • by Anonymous

    it cost to much for what i get so i leave now thanks alot im only12 and hav. it was horrible I had it for months no problem then I had to pay for it to upload it so I'm not wasting $40 on one year of editing!!! I'm so young and only have 12 subscribers so I don't make money to pay for it so sorry. Pros: i got 12 videos out of it. Cons: it now costs money

  • Allie Good

    by Allie Good

    NOT FREE. NOT FREE. they let you export one video then make you pay to be able to export any more. Pros: good at edidting. Cons: says free but its actually not

  • by Anonymous

    Waste of time and money. For a simple Video Editor it in not intuitive and requires too much time to learn basic functions. Rendered video is often corrupt and doesn't play back properly on Windows 10- Movies & TV App. Tech support prefer to argue with their customers rather than acknowledge the problem. NCH operates more like a Internet scam than a reputable software company.' A waste of More

  • by Anonymous

    BEST VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE FOR FREE!. Best video editing software for free! better than wondershare,video editor and other softwares. M u s t download it.

  • by Anonymous

    i am an ordinary user, and so please don't bluff by quoting that free downl. Please don't bluff, by saying free download, and later asking us to pay for the usage. If you clearly mention the download is not free of cost, which saves our time a lot.... please follow atleast in future because i am an ordinary user.

  • by Anonymous

    Very good video editor. It is very easy to use and very lightweight and intuitive. for example - drag a clip onto the timeline and press a small icon on the clip to add a fade effect or one of the many FX. I compare it to MOVAVI's editor and found this to be much more feature rich.

  • by Anonymous

    Good one to start.. and its free too :). Good one... was relieved to see a free software exporting videos without any restrictions.. has all the desired effects and editing for a beginner.

  • by Anonymous

    A way to force you to pay.. Its awful. You have to pay to save your project/export file. I do not reccomend it. Pros: Nothing. Cons: Free saving

  • by Anonymous

    german only. german installation only?! german installation only?! german installation only?! german installation only?!

  • by Anonymous

    I like it but at the same time I don't like it. It's a very good program in terms of editing, but I hate how restrictive it is when it's not paid for. Pros: It's solid and well-rounded. Contains many effects that make for nice, creative videos. the non-masters edition video pad editor is outstanding and yes I put non-masters edition. Cons: Why do you have to pay to export into mp4 file? I just wanMore

  • by Anonymous

    Very solid product. Love it!. This is a great product! I ave used many video editing products and this is one of the best. I needed something to mock up some video work and I needed to do it on my Mac. I found VideoPad and it did everything i wanted and more. Much easier to use that Premiere and produces high quality and web ready output. Very happy with VideoPad. Pros: Output to most file types. More

  • by Anonymous

    Great program, but no free updates. I love the program! the video's come out looking great and the interface is simple. The only thing i hate about it is how if you bought the professional version, it doesnt automatically update. If you want the most recent version, even if you paid like 100$ for the program, you have to spend 50$ more dollars to upgrade. It's bullshit. Pros: Simple Interface. GreMore

  • by Anonymous

    Downloaded more than I need. . I only need video editor, I don't want a NCH suite. Please do not let me download other programs along with the video editor.

  • by Anonymous

    Truly awesome stuff right here.. This has helped me make many videos which had awesome comments, I learned the basics then the more advanced stuff and with the help of my good friend the internet I can now make incredible videos of my own. Pros: Many options. easy-to-use interface. nice for beginners and experts. Cons: kind of ugly interface though

  • by Anonymous

    Covers all simple features. Excellent for basic stuff. I used it to merge many short videos into a single longer one. I am now having a hard time finding a registration code now that the trial has ended. Pros: Supports every file type. Very easy to use. Basic edit features. Cons: Very limited when trial ends

  • by Anonymous

    Great for Beginners . This software has been awesome. I don't doubt there is better software out there, but I knew absolutely nothing about video editing and this was really easy to learn on. Pros: Easy to Learn on. Cons: More advanced graphic options

  • by Anonymous

    DON'T BUY - read other reviews. Very disappointing. What a waste of my money € 75! All exported videos are laggy and freeze every few seconds. Forum tips don't help. Don't buy this piece of crap. The only positive thing is an easy to use UI. But without a good exported video it's useless. Pros: User Interface. Cons: Exported Videos are laggy and freeze every few seconds

  • by Anonymous

    It´s not fair.. you can only save 2 videos, then you must buy licence. This is baddest on it all. I so like program, but when i convert i do 2 mistakes and i have no chance to convert again. Pros: easy to use. not complicated. Cons: full version free please

  • by Anonymous

    My rewiew. Buy app - :D, arrant nonsense, because you need don't save VPJ file, you need save avi, mp4 and other video files. When trial version is expired, app don't let to save video file. Very poor app, I don't recommend this software.

  • by Anonymous

    Its very nice more beautiful features are needed such thanks. Its very nice more beautiful features are needed such thanks