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Help & Info about VideoPad Video Editor for windows

  • Will the VideoPad editor program work on my 64 bit computer?

    Yes, this software will work on your 64bit computer, it works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and on Windows 10.
  • Am I able to create a menu section on my video DVD?

    At the moment VideoPad does not have a menu section. When you put in the DVD, it will start right up with whatever you have put onto the DVD. It is not a problem if you only have one movie on your DVD, but you will have to skip through the ones you don't want to watch if you have more than one video on your DVD.
  • What are the main outputs I can use to create movies using the VideoPad?

    VideoPad has over 14 outputs that will let you create movies, they are: FaceBook videos, DVDs, CDs, YouTube format videos, PSP videos, Mobile phones videos at 360p, iPhone videos, Mac playback, iPod, Flickr format videos, PC playback, HTML compatible videos for posting on the internet, Stereoscopic 3D format and JPG and PNG image sequences.
  • Does VideoPad allow you to create chapters for the DVDs?

    Yes, you are able to create chapters within your videos to make skipping through them a little more efficient. There are two ways you may do this. The first is to open the sequence menu in the menu bar, select the “Player,” and select the “Set Bookmark At Cursor” function, and then click where you would like to add your bookmark. The second and easier way is to right-click your timeline, and select “Set Bookmark” from your right-click menu.
  • Does the VideoPad capture from DV based camcorders?

    It can capture a video from a DV based camcorder and numerous other external devices that are able to connect to your computer. These include things such as VHS players, webcams, TVs, and so forth. The process you need to follow is to connect the camera to your computer, open VideoPad, and press the record button that is on the home tab toolbar. Once you have finished recording, you press the stop button and click the close button.
  • Can I use the VideoPad Video Editor to edit audio?

    The VideoPad Video Editor has many editing tools that you can use. They include things such as fade out or fade in functions, adjust the volume of the audio clips, and audio mixing.
  • Am I able to change the speed on my videos and play them backwards?

    VideoPad allows you to do this by selecting the clip that is in the sequence and opening up the sub menu that holds video effects (the small triangle icon on the video toolbar). This will open the “Enter New Clip Speed Percentage” window, where you may change the speed by putting in a new percentage. At 100% this will play at the normal speed, at 50% that will play half speed, and 200% will play double the speed. Once completed, click “Set” at the bottom of the GUI window to make the changes. To play the video backwards, you will need to click on the “Play clip in Reverse” button.
  • Is this the latest version of this software?

    The VideoPad Video Editor is no longer supported by its original development team, which is why the GUI looks a little dated. This is the most recent version of the program, but it is a few years old at this point.
  • Are there Tutorials I can use?

    VideoPad has a bunch of different tutorials on its website that help you learn how to create and edit your videos.
  • How much does VideoPad cost?

    The version you are about to download is the free trial version. You are better off trying it first because it may not work on your computer, and there is a chance it may not suit your needs. If you are happy with the preview and you wish to purchase, then the price seems to vary from month to month. The price also changes depending upon if you want the plugins and add-ons.


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